Williams Briggs Tavern 1793



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A flourishing tavern from Hoosick, NY


William Briggs Tavern, Route 22 Hoosick, New York. Purchased for $500.00 in 1984 and dismantled that summer. Raising of the frame at Eastfield was held Memorial Day weekend of 1985. Briggs was a Quaker from Rhode Island who emigrated to New York State in the 1770s. He lived for a while in Pauling, New York near the Quaker Meeting House and was taken to court for a paternity suit. He left Pauling and moved to Long Island in the 1780s and as a staunch Tory he was shipped off to Canada towards the end of the Revolutionary War. He returned to New York State after the war and purchased property in Hoosick where about 1792-93 he built the initial section of his tavern. The Tavern flourished and in 1803 he added a wing to the south end of the original structure containing a taproom and two private rooms on the first floor and a 20 x 30 ft. ballroom and Masonic Hall on the second floor.

Briggs died in 1814 and left the property to his son. An inventory of the property and his assets still exists in the Rensselaer County Historical Society Archives.



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