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Eastfield Village is not a museum; there are no ropes or glassed-off exhibits. Founder Don Carpentier collected the more than twenty buildings and their contents to serve as a laboratory, allowing Workshop participants the opportunity to study, handle and utilize thousands of architectural elements, tools and typical artifacts of the late 18th-early 19th century.


Eastfield Village, and the Early American Trades and Historic Preservation Workshops, are the life work of a true renaissance man. Ever since he moved the first building, a blacksmith's shop, into his father's "east field" in 1971, Don Carpentier had dedicated himself to mastering the skills and preserving the tools and artifacts of the crafts and trades people who built the country.


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Eastfield Village was painstakingly assembled by one of the foremost preservation arts experts, Don Carpentier. It is the campus for the Annual Series of Early American Trades and Historic Preservation Workshops, a nationally renowned program of lectures, symposia and hands-on classes.

The not-for-profit Historic Eastfield Foundation was established to ensure that Don Carpentier's passion and vision are carried on into the future.

The purposes of the Foundation as set forth in its constitution are exclusively educational in nature:


  1. To train men and women in a range of early American trades and historic preservation skills;
  2. To encourage crafts persons and preservationists in their efforts to save the technology of the past;
  3. To produce publications, specifically a periodical and single-subject publications, and prescriptive audio-video materials, and symposia for both the general public and a professional audience;
  4. To develop a collection and library appropriate to early arts and trades and historic preservation;
  5. To develop a long-term plan for continuing the goals and purposes of the Foundation;
  6. To maintain facilities necessary to further the Foundation's educational objectives.

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